Project was to build a web store for the European sales and marketing employees. It was similar to ThoughtSpot but on a larger scale. This web store is a result of demand from the mainland Europe based employees and is serviced mainly via our Munich facility.



Project was to build, populate and manage an EMEA web store for ThoughtSpot internal employee use. The web store is cashless and operates on a credits system. This project was a comprehensive employment of all of our services and products from concept through to end delivery across Europe. Our in house team of professionals will […]



Project was to update from a PowerPoint platform to a web store platform. Rubrik are a long standing client who have used our management/storage/fulfilment/shipping services. We agreed that an upgrade to web store status would allow for a more expedient delivery of services in tandem with added accurate inventory control.


Veeam is another long standing client who like Rubrik have historically employed our management/storage/fulfilment/shipping services. The move to a web store platform offers more speed and accuracy than can be offered by PowerPoint based inventory management.



This is a work in progress for a new client. They are an American organisation involved in cloud storage and are expanding into EMEA. This web store is being built initially for the UK however the platform offers options to expand throughout Europe in parallel with company growth.